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At:  FAQ Laden: Antisexistischer Infoladen Neukölln, Jonasstraße 40, 12053 Berlin, Germany
From: 7pm to midnight
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We’re back after a short summer break. With some wonderful films that all have something to say about art, the artists life and the connections we make.

The filmmakers Yishay Garbasz, James Rosalind and Tom or Judy Moore will be present to answer some questions after the screening.

We will also open the exhibition ‘Climate Change/Climate Crisis‘ at FAQ – which shows the winning pictures of our photo competition form May, 2019.



Be What you Want – Queer Feminist Artist (James Rosalind | Germany)

“We’d like to think of ourselves, not as pawns in a bigger picture, but as agents of our own destiny”.
Berlin, is an open-minded, creative city, home to many queers and artists, chances for networking and collaboration. However, the german creative industries and society are still very much cis-male favoured. Two videographers talk about their experiences of art, work precarity, hope, feminism and community.

Good Artist (Omer Moskovich | Israel)

Music video for the song “Oman Tov” (Good Artist, in Hebrew) by Omer Moskovitch. A low budget videoclip criticising the Israeli government’s new methods of censorship on art and artists.

Hidden Walls (Ana Carolina Nicolau | Brazil)

Nina and Pedro belong to a group of young people who live within the margins of society due to their skin colour, sexuality and artistic expression through the graffiti. Feeling left out of Brasilia’s elitist artistic society and motivated by an episode of violence by the local police, they decide to display their art in a fancy art gallery, where they are not welcome.

The Fashion Storm (Tom or Judy Moore | Germany)

The Fashion Storm is made by Tom or Judy Moore together with C. Grace Chang, M Dabbadie, and Jane Flett. Part fashion shoot, part inflight safety demonstration, part YouTube instructional video, the group investigates how to wear, perform and reconfigure the Whose Museum Collection. Contains flashing images. 

I hate you SO much (Alice Reily de Souza | Brazil/Germany)

A short poem about hate and love.

Image Makers – The Image of Absence (Beto Macedo | Brazil)

Over 3 billion photos are shared every day. Images have become our main language. In this context, who creates the new narratives? If we live in a universe oriented by the visual, what do the people who are translating the spirit of our time see in their visual creations?
In 6 months, more than 90 names were mapped, 40 people were interviewed and 5 of them had their creative processes registered in this movie. An EIXO partnership with TILT REC film production.

SALADA MISTA (Estevan de La Fuente/Shai Oliva Alon | Brazil)

SALADA MISTA is a profound penetration into a fantastic and sensual world in which fruits and vegetables are mistaken as our deepest most hidden desires. Here, we have them in all sizes, all formats, all colors, for all tastes. In this market, no one goes home hungry.

Otherland (Keren Levi/Jan Pieter Tuinstra | Netherlands)

A Vogue dancer performs at a Voodoo Carnival Ball, an important dance contest where he will have to prove himself to be accepted by the local ballroom community. He remembers growing up on Sint Maarten, a small island in the Caribbean and all the changes he has been through since. The freedom he longed for seems within reach. Based on the biographical story of Elvin Elejandro Martinez and narrated by him, ‘Otherland’ is a juxtaposition of two narratives that evoke new associations for viewers: while the visual story of the ball is fictional, the film is based on in-depth research into the Dutch ballroom community and all the characters and dancers are part of the European ballroom/vogue community.

Directed by Estevan de La Fuente and created and produced by Shai Oliva Alon, Salada Mista is a tropical audiovisual experiment which draws inspiration from publicity, fashion, music videos and pornography, culminating into a luscious synesthesia of an overdose of colors, sounds, flavors and scents.

Becoming (Yishay Garbasz | Germany)

A short film about the installation of Becoming, which was the second largest zoetrope in the world when it was installed at the Busan Biennale in 2010. Though normally rather small this zoetrope was a half ton of steel, 250 kg which traveled at 11k/h (in order to create animation of 12 fps) 2 meter high and 3 meter wide. Becoming are images of Garbasz’ body one year before and one year after gender affirmation surgery. Garbasz used non projected film as she did not want the context of unreality that projected films have. This film is a stop motion film of Becoming’s construction and operation. It was also published as a flip book, distributed by random house.

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Cover photo by Ian Williams.