TQU-Tresen: 22.02.2019 & every last weekend of the month
At:  FAQ Laden: Antisexistischer Infoladen Neukölln, Jonasstraße 40, 12053 Berlin, Germany
From: 7pm to midnight
smoke free during screenings
wheelchair accessible
donations welcome

some impressions:


August and the Rainboots (Hannah Thompson | USA)

A tale of two girls, a pair of rain boots, and a friendship that will last a life time.

Broken Doll (Gaspar Aguirre | Argentina)

A young teenager is going through a hard phase because of his self-image and the external pressure of how he should be.

Brothers (Mike Mosallam | USA)

BROTHERS is a coming-of-age story following a Muslim Arab boy coming to terms with his sexuality. Upon recognizing that he is different through the lens of his family and society as a whole, he decides to face his fears with the support of an older brother who stands by him and encourages him to be himself, in the face of bias and adversity

Deep Sea Pearl (Raven Byrne | Australia)

Deep Sea Pearl is a short animated film originally created as a university assignment. It follows a little mermaid’s plight to impress her crush, an angel she often sees flying above, by giving her a pearl. I was determined to create a cute story with two queer women as the characters, because so many big Hollywood movies either have no queer women or give them sad endings. Deep Sea Pearl is also dedicated to my partner, who I started dating while making the film.

Foible (Simmie Sangian | USA)

At a house party Sofia’s inner criticism manifests into human form and constantly reminds her of her short comings.

I lost you in the subway (Marco T. Alves | Brazil)

Emotions and sensations in a delirious, feverish and ardent rhythm of a love that still burns. In the subway of São Paulo, the seasons change, but not the feeling. The wagon has left, but are the doors closed for her?

In plain sight (Marta Kwasniewska | UK)

Neela has lived on her lighthouse island for her entire life, while Devin is a nomad who with a gift wants to encourage her to see the world out there for herself. It takes that one gift for Neela to leave, and discover not only herself on the journey, but also what she wanted all along – which was always in plain sight for her.

Limitless (Radheya Taware | India)

A tale of the would be would not be phase of a young Chap who believes himself being bounteous, Questions the civic elements about his or her existence and at last realising of self being LIMITLESS.

Mimi’s Makeover (Stef Aranas | Philippines)

An androgynous transgender girl learns the impossible standards of transgender beauty in the process of getting ready for her first date.

Mind(less) Body (Ana Falcon | Mexico)

A woman reflects on the relationship between her mind and body.

Pragma (JIHYUN PARK | South Korea)

Yoo-Hee and Joo-Yeon fell in love in high school, but their school’s persecution of gays tore them apart. When meet again years later, sparks fly.

Pril (Niek Roozen | Netherlands)

Two girls go on a camping trip, but what will happen after their first kiss?

Sisak (Faraz Arif Ansari | India)

Silence is the most piercing sound. Silence is something that so underutilized in our lives, in the films we watch and the films we make, silence barely exists. However, when Sisak was born, I knew it right from its inception that it has to be a silent film. I had so much to say that words were falling short. Why silent? Well, other than being a political statement about the state of the LGBTQI community in India, there exists a state of immense need to be heard by the community – we take out Pride marches, almost every LGBTQI film is about people’s struggles with their families, with themselves, about coming out, etc. As a filmmaker and a storyteller, I feel we use too many words to convey what we feel. Sometimes, I feel, words are poor comforters. People need to feel what you are feeling and when there are no words to support the visuals, by default, the audience wants to get into the minds of the character, we observe them more closely, we feel more closely and that indirectly, makes the loudest roar that the community needs.

Steps in the Night (Daniel & Maximiliano Garcia | USA/Mexico)

In mid-1990’s Tijuana, a closeted gay man enters a local Cumbia competition in the hopes of dancing with a man whom he secretly admires.

The Star-Filled Silence (Becca Clapperton | Canada)

Alex, an avid anti-social stargazer, is having trouble adjusting to her life without a voice. When Kay, her sweet and flirty classmate offers to teach her Sign Language, Alex hesitates: To move forward with Kay would she be giving up on a possible recovery? She’s just not ready for that.

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