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Inbetween the country and the city, traditions and revolution, your family and yourself – where do you go and what do you do? Ten short films explore these questions and ask you: where do you stand?


A Mama (Narahari Rao H | India)

An irresponsible son decides to dress like a transgender to make easy money in the city and gets caught in the act by real transgenders and learns a valuable lesson.

Crooked (Briana Blades/Kristin Kent | Canada)

A documentary about genderqueer journalist, poet and artist Jess Sachse who is living with a congenital disability.

F to M (Shahrad Shahvareh | Iran)

This short film shows just a small part of an Iranian transgender’s emotions and limitations and the way he fights. This is a picture of the tough emotions a F to M transgender youth has to go through to get to live his original and true real self. Director and Actor of this short movie is an iranian transgender Shahrad Shahvareh himself, who is forced to wear a hijab until he gets an official sex change.

Gray (Preet | India)

Because homosexuality is still a crime in many parts of the world, people are afraid of taking a stand for their individuality. There have been a number of movements and protests for the freedom of homosexuality, but hardly any thoughts have been given to those girls who have gotten married to homosexual men who are afraid of exposing their truth in our bitter society.

Nandini is one such girl who got married to Rohit, who is a homosexual. Zoel, Rohit’s partner, is an artist and aware of Nandini’s suffocation. The story takes a turn when Rohit tells Zoel that he is planning to have a kid through IVF, so that Nandini will get busy in her life and it may release him of his guilt too. Opposite to Rohit’s expectations, Zoel feels disgusted with this thought and discards Rohit’s intention of managing his life between him and Nandini.

While it feels like a sacrifice to Rohit, that he got married to Nandini and not his real love, isn’t it a crime to Nandini who dreams of a married life with a loving partner? “Gray” takes us to understand the characters and to connect as human beings.

Into the Rainbow (Hasan Najmabadi | Iran)

Two lesbian girls take up the dangerous journey from Iran to Turkey to reach freedom.

Kinga (Konrad Kidawa | Poland)

In an intimate portrait Kinga recalls her struggling for being herself in the begging of 2000’s in small town in Poland and returning faith.

Majur (Rafael Irineu | Brazil)

Meet Majur, LGBTQ+, head of communication of a indigenous village located in Mato Grosso, Brazil. The documentary shows a year of his life.

Self Portrait (Faun Harjo | USA)

Struggling with gender identity, sexual orientation, and cultural identity has been a normal aspect of my life. Being pulled in and out of native culture and feeling like my queerness was unwelcome by my people, I separated myself for years. Now I explore my relationship with my culture by decolonizing myself and others by sharing my identity openly and honestly.

The Choice (Lotte Twaalfhoven | Ireland)

Devin is in a deteriorating relationship with Ashley when she meets Alex. Devin and Alex hit off immediately. Devin’s best friend is Hannah wants Devin to be happy. Devin is left with a choice to stay with Ashely and work things out or choose what will make her happy.

The Gay & I [Beki’t Ako] (Romeo Burlat | Philippines)

The movie tackles different kinds of gay. But the story focuses more on two former pageant gay beauty queens who decided to live a normal life by getting married with the opposite sex. The film does not only tackle your funny bones but will also reduce you to tears.

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