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Blue Toes (Isobella Antelis | USA)

Blue Toes is a story that fights to break the rules of gender normative behaviour between kids. It follows a young boy named Mickey, who is teased for liking things boys usually don’t like. In the beginning we establish that Mickey does not have many friends, and is often alone. The one place where he feels accepted is after school with his swim team. He is one of the best swimmers on the team and feels a part of the group. Mickey also has an older sister that helps him express himself whether it be through trying different kinds of makeup, or throwing on an old dress of hers. The point of the story is to show that kids should be accepted, no matter what their interests are, regardless of their gender.

Boxing Day (Richard E. Haywood | USA)

A father comes to terms with his daughter being gay.

Desert’s Lullaby (Anubis Alejandro López Martínez | Mexico)

Emiliano is a gay man who travels on the road of life , avoiding and repressing their sexuality , and carrying the weight of opinion of their environment, especially their female figure : his mother.

Disconnected (Maša Zia Lenárdič | Slovenia/Germany)

We’ve all done it before. We felt uncomfortable in one place, and thought that running away would solve everything. But it didn’t. What is home? What is comfort? At which point will we take a risk, give it a real try, what will make us stay? And: Are we able to stay at all?

Dollhouse (Ezgi Temel | Turkey)

On a common Sunday, an ordinary family goes on shopping to buy a Batman toy but their little son gives up on Batman and wants a Barbie House. His mother doesn’t let him to buy it. When they come back to home, the boy transform the Batman toy into what he wants with his father’s support.

Drag Mother (Meghan Smith/Brett Boon | USA)

A drag queen grapples with the terminal cancer of his estranged and ignorant mother, debating whether or not to visit her before she dies.

Heaven Vol. I (Aaron Longoria | USA)

Longing from a distance, a queer man reflects on childhood – a time before his sexuality affected his most familiar relationships.

Home Visit (Annamaria Craparotta | Italy)

Home visit is a short film in which the director, back in her hometown, faces some very uncomfortable questions about her life during a conversation with her grandmother. Home visit becomes a chance to frame a life-changing moment in the director’s life.

<3 / Less Than Three (Jorė Janavičiūtė | Lithuania)

Rasa is polyamorous. She was in relationship with Elena. At the same time Elena was with Justė. Elena left Rasa. Soon they all decided to live together. Rasa still has feelings for Elena.

Melissa (Nergis Senturk | USA)

A short story about forgiveness, depicting the struggle of Melissa, a transsexual, with her family, after running away from home.

Stretching (Ifeatu Nnaobi | Nigeria)

A film about navigating spaces – lived geographies such as Berlin, Lagos/Abuja, and virtual spaces. It explores the use of technology to sustain relationships across geographic distances by engaging text and imagery as an exposition into the states of the character’s world.

I Dream of Inadequacy (Juli Saragosa | Germany)

The writer Michael V. Smith asked several filmmakers to visually interpret a poem from his latest book “Bad Ideas.” Juli Saragosa combines a textured sound design and hand-processed Super8mm footage of abandoned places with Google Street View and rotoscoped imagery of talking ravens in this rendering of a poem about the feelings of shame and inadequacy.

The walls that tear us apart (Manuel Ochoa | Mexico)

Liana has problems with her mother Ester who does not accept her sexual orientation. After finding her with her girlfriend Sara, Ester forces Liana to medicate herself as part of a conversion therapy.

Turning Tomboys (Texas Glory | Germany/USA)

A cat, a bed and turning tomboys. Everything is possible now.

Undertow (Carman Ho | Germany)

Exhausted and depressed, Lydia finds it more and more difficult to find reasons to get through each day even with the patience and support of her girlfriend, Emily. Seeing how much Emily is struggling for her, she makes a devastating choice.

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