TQU Tresen: 31.01.2020
At:  FAQ Laden: Antisexistischer Infoladen Neukölln, Jonasstraße 40, 12053 Berlin, Germany
From: 7pm to midnight
smoke free event
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Every Monday (Myat Noe | Myanmar)

Two girls. One is waiting in a hotel room, sexually aroused. The other is sitting in a house, looking dejected. There is a connection between them.

From AM to PM (Alizeb Raees | Pakistan)

From AM to PM is an intimate look into the life of Ishaq, who must maintain a balance between providing for his family and following his desire to become part of Khawaja Sira community. Ishaq is married with one child: while leading a married life by day, as the night falls, he follows his heart to where it belongs with the transgender friends in Lahore.

Kayla and Kyle (Andrew Rooke | UK)

A young transgender man must choose between his family and his identity.

Lo To – The Singing ‘Faggots’ (Phuong Anh PA | Singapore/Vietnam)

Can performance and originality be a way to make queerness acceptable in a society full of prejudices?

Prisoner of Society (Rati Tsiteladze | Georgia)

What does it mean to be a stranger in your own home and country?

Prisoner of Society is an intimate journey into the world and mind of a young transgender woman, who has been locked away from the outside world for the past decade.

(It is the first Georgian documentary nominated for the European Film Academy Awards)

Resolutions (Heidi Jones | UK)

After a night of failed new years eve celebrations, two very different women find common ground after discussing their approaches to risk taking.

S(H)E (Karoline Pelikan | Peru)

Lucrecia Black is an inspiring Peruvian businesswoman and CEO of the organization “Miss Perú Trans”. She seeks to support people with a different option to find their happiness.

Sombrero (Jeremiah Estela Magoncia | Philippines / Korea)

Two perfect strangers meet by chance in the Philippines. While travelling, they begin to form a special connection as they share their own stories but the bond is cut short as one has to fly back to Korea while one remains to travel alone.

Synesthetic Symphony (Giorgio Rossentino | Mexico)

Lana, a young music lover, seeks get into a prestigious school. While the school doesn’t accept her, she finds a different way to become a great musician when she meets Mickey, a blind girl who seeks to form a band and maybe find love.

The Old Stripper (Jack Truman | USA)

THE OLD STRIPPER – THE SHORT is a short 9 minute version of the epic underground feature film documentary THE OLD STRIPPER, a film about a burlesque dancer who goes on a cross-country road trip visiting her dancing cities from yesterday.

The Wall (Branislav Kostić | Serbia)

As much as we are different, we all go through the same problems in life.

XXOY (Lesia Vasylchenko | Ukraine/Norway)

The nonlinear narrative video XX0Y is based on the story of a person who recalls his experiences, feelings, and thoughts living as an intersex in Post-Soviet times. The main character owns a zero chromosome and can’t identify himself as a man nor woman. He is rethinking the past, present and future, searching for his own place in a world beyond the constraints of gender. 

“XX0Y is a meditative work that draws on my interests in the dual searches for cultural and self-identity. My generation, born in the early 1990’s, is tending to self-determination, trying to reinvent itself and explore the possibilities of post-identity politics.”

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Cover photo by Karim MANJRA