Become a member of TQU’s STAR CLUB:

This is a membership program for cultural and political activists to get in depth support and to participate in transnational projects and collaborations. Members can also take an active role in setting TQU’s agenda.

Which membership is for you?

Star Club Members: A minimum of € 25.00 per year.

Shining Star Club Members: Help TQU grow. A minimum of € 30.00 per year.

Volunteer Star Club Members: You don’t pay a membership fee, but instead offer to volunteer your skills, knowledge or passion.


Most people use pronouns like they/them, she/her or he/him. Others use ze/hir, xe/xem,... Which ones do you want other people to use for you?
We will never share your information with anyone else. We are happy to welcome you to the Star Club!


Membership fees are tax deductible*.

*This is true in many countries. Please check if this is true for your’s. Learn more.

You want to know more?

Visit the about section.


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