My two mothers 0

My Two Mothers

TEXT BY: Nyar Afrika // Kenya || ILLUSTRATION BY: Elizabeth Watkin // USA

My mothers are two women in love and they raised me just fine. They are the best example of a prefect family and I am forever thankful that they taught me how to respect everyone else’s identities and sexual orientation without bias.


TEXT BY: Nyar Afrika // Kenya || ILLUSTRATION BY: Elizabeth Watkin // USA

I want this mysterious woman to have me. To take me in a way known to her and make me moan endlessly. To touch me in places that crave for touch; a woman’s touch and make me moan.

Alhaji Mansaray

Where? Sierra Leone – Wellington – Freetown



text by: Nyar Afrika // Kenya || photo by: Ambika Thompson // Canada

That surprises me. She never talks about us when we are together. To her, I am this dirty little secret, something she enjoys having by her side. I am okay with that. Personally, I am not out looking for anything that would tie me down.

Dark Juices

text by: Nyar Afrika // Kenya || illustration by: Lekouzinthomas // France

The prospect of getting laid sends chills down my body. Exhilaration dances through me. I miss the touch of a woman so much that I am on the brink of insanity. Just kidding.

Gay Pages

Where? Africa – South Africa – Johannesburg
What? Magazine
Looking for: Lifestyle, Culture, Events


Exit Newspaper

Where? Africa – South Africa – Johannesburg
What? Newspaper
Looking for: Writing.


NoStrings Nigeria

Where? Nigeria
Title: German journalist talks about collecting Queer Art with NoStrings


Glow Makatsi

What? Performance and self expression as queer activism/visibility through Photography
Where? Lesotho || South Africa
My pictures are all about representation, pushing through dated patriarchal binaries of existence […]

LGBT Film Festivals 0

LGBT FILM FESTIVALS Uganda – which one do you like best?

Looking for somewhere to submit your films? Want to watch the lates queer movies? Find all relevant queer film festivals on TQU. Big, small, short-film, feature film, documentary and more. Some self-organized some commercial. See all LGBT film festivals in Uganda.

lgbt organizations 0

LGBT organizations Sierra Leone – do you know all of them?

Pride Equality International (PEI) formerly WhyCantWeGetMarried.Com is a legally registered non-profitable, non religious, and non-governmental organization working to promote and protect the human rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) people within the Mano River Union countries (Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone) and Africans in Europe.



Alouen Alouen est une association de jeunes LGBT[ Lesbiennes, Gays, Bisexuel(le)s et Transsexuel(le)s] Algériens. Nous nous sommes réunis autour d’une vision commune car chacun d’entre nous possède la volonté d’agir pour améliorer notre situation....


No Strings Nigeria

Where? Nigeria
Title: Transnational Queer Underground: Call for Queer Art


Q-zine Burkina Faso

Q-zine is a bilingual (English and French) quarterly online magazine by, for and about LGBTI and queer Africans and allies.


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