Faces of Pride 1

Faces of Pride – Zine

Happy (critical) Pride 2018 everyone! Download and view Pride zine here!

Interviews with pride organizers from all around the world. Ever wondered what’s still political about Pride? This is!

Faces Of Pride: Julia Maciocha || Warsaw Pride

“For me it’s important because it’s gathering many minorities, not only LGBTQ people. We have 13 demands and more and more people are joining the parade because they feel this is their celebration too. It’s only one day in Warsaw when people can wear rainbow, hold hands and be protected by the police. It’s like a big breath we take, that we have to hold for one year.”

What Now? All photos & winners

What now? is the theme for this month’s photo competition: We are constantly bombarded with fairly awful news from around the world. Things feel less certain for a lot of people than they did...


Some Girls & Pissing Annie

text by: by Desi Valentinova / Ulpia // Bulgaria || illustration by: Verena Spilker // Germany

Pissing Annie sat along – Asking me if I was wrong – Is my stamen* all too long – Did I ever ding and dong
Abhishek Chaudhary 1

Abhishek Chaudhary

What? Photography
Where? Czech Republic || Germany || India
The presented body of work, collectively titled ‘Now You Can Go Home’ is an ongoing photographic project […]

Aneta Willertova 0

Aneta Willertová

What? Mixed media
Where? Czech Republic
I’ve put on a preview of some of my works that are somehow related to tqu’s topics. […]

illustration 2


What? Drawing, illustration
Where? Russia
My artworks are exploring different forms of sexuality and interactions with gender identity, especially […]



What? Painting
Where? Russia
My name is Helen – this is a pseudonym, because I would like to remain anonymous in this exhibition […]


Ihar Paulau

What? Photography
Where? Belarus
Ihar Paulau began taking photographs as a child in Belarus, but shelved his camera when he pursued painting […]


Jakub Ra Svoboda

What? Photography
Where? Czech Republic
The theme of gender is important to me. It is something that goes through my heart and penis […]


Lea Daniel

What? Illustration
Where? Russia
My pseudonym is Lea Daniel. I am a self-taught artist from Russia. I love theatre and art-nouveau black and white graphic […]

photo colorization 1

Lusi Lu

What? Drawing, photo-colorization
Where? Czech Republic || Peru
My pictures are portraying all different kinds of women and also me in different phases of my life. Each one […]



What? Comics
Where? Russia
I love to draw, and my art is a very huge part of my life. My art was with me in every phase of my path […]


Oleksandra Lychak

What? Mixed Media Art
Where? Ukraine
My work is about the formation of female sexuality, freedom and violence – physical, sexual, psychological […]


Sofia Odintsova

What? Drawing, illustration
Where? Russia
I am a graphic designer and have been making illustrations, posters and different projects […]



What? Drawings, comics
Where? Russia
In my artworks I talk about trans dignity, trans pride and trans rage. And just about these different […]


Violetta Fitsner

What? Drawing
Where? Russia
I want to express my feelings about different types of discrimination through my artworks. We live in the world where […]

Yuka Kuznetsova 0

Yuka Kuznetsova

What? Photography
Where? Russia || Ukraine
I really love this special state when you just stand still, looking either inside yourself – contemplating […]


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