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What? Drawing, illustration
Where? Russia
My artworks are exploring different forms of sexuality and interactions with gender identity, especially […]



What? Painting
Where? Russia
My name is Helen – this is a pseudonym, because I would like to remain anonymous in this exhibition […]


Lea Daniel

What? Illustration
Where? Russia
My pseudonym is Lea Daniel. I am a self-taught artist from Russia. I love theatre and art-nouveau black and white graphic […]



What? Comics
Where? Russia
I love to draw, and my art is a very huge part of my life. My art was with me in every phase of my path […]


Sofia Odintsova

What? Drawing, illustration
Where? Russia
I am a graphic designer and have been making illustrations, posters and different projects […]



What? Drawings, comics
Where? Russia
In my artworks I talk about trans dignity, trans pride and trans rage. And just about these different […]


Violetta Fitsner

What? Drawing
Where? Russia
I want to express my feelings about different types of discrimination through my artworks. We live in the world where […]

Yuka Kuznetsova 0

Yuka Kuznetsova

What? Photography
Where? Russia || Ukraine
I really love this special state when you just stand still, looking either inside yourself – contemplating […]

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LGBT FILM FESTIVALS Russia – which one do you like best?

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