cards against sexual harassment

Have you ever experienced street harassment?
Do you dread the warmer times of the year, because people comment on your body all the time?
What are the situations that you find most annoying?
Do you sometimes want to intervene in situations that you find yourself in, but can’t find the right words/ don’t know what to do?

It can be hard to find a verbal comeback to catcalling or other forms of street harassment. Handing someone a card can be a good way to intervene, to break up the situation and slightly confuse the aggressor; you regain power, without having to stick around and give an explanation.

CA(S)H by Tom Moore

Tough Luck Fucko
Tough Luck Fucko
Tough Luck Fucko Tough Luck Fucko

download taser front color (right click on link -> safe link as)
download taser back color English
download taser back color German
download taser back color Hebrew

download pepper spray front color (right click on link -> safe link as)
download pepper spray back color English
download pepper spray back color German
download pepper spray back color Hebrew

Tough Luck Fucko
Tough Luck Fucko
Tough Luck Fucko Tough Luck Fucko

download taser front bw (right click on link -> safe link as)
download taser back bw English
download taser back bw German
download taser back bw Hebrew

download pepper spray front bw (right click on link -> safe link as)
download pepper spray back bw English
download pepper spray back bw German
download pepper spray back bw Hebrew

Tom Moore works with Lost History & Found Flowers, Low Spectacle & High Fashion, New Monsters & Old Hollywood, True Crime & False Lashes, Fresh Guts & Worn Clichés, Breaking Hearts & Accelerating BPM. Drawing is séance. Film is spell casting. They have exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery and the ICA. Their films have been screened at the London Independent Film Festival and Donau Festival. They sing and teach drawing.


not public
not public
Most people use pronouns like they/them, she/her or he/him. Others use ze/hir, xe/xem,... Which ones do you want other people to use for you?
Which countries do you want your card to be tagged under?
Maybe you can share an experience that inspired you?
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