TQU exclusive Visual EP release

TQU is very happy to present to you YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, the debut Visual EP from experimental club drone duo BODY OF WORK.

The EP is a long drawn out scream into the storm of rightwing bile and outright fascism we are currently living through. BODY OF WORK, Tom Moore and darken malign, are both non-binary femmes and ex-catholics, based in Berlin, with lives tied either side of Britain and Northern Ireland.

YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD is a cacophony of spoken word, drones, samples, drowned vocals, field recordings of bird song, evangelical christians, aeroplanes, looped screams from darken’s child, pushed hard through some minimal effects and electronic fuckery. All of the music is improvised with each piece recorded live in one take and on one track.

BODY OF WORK’s musical influences stem from wasted youths festering in subcultures. They channel the meta narrative of CRASS and the femme sensibility of internet genres such as NITECORE. They draw from experimental club culture currently liberating dancefloors from homogenous dudes and binary beats, acts such as Angel Ho, Swan Meat, Exit Sense, Zuir and WWWINGS.

They are shameless hystorians of digital artefacts. Their Visual EP is as much Beyonce’s Lemonade as Marianne Faithful and Derek Jarman’s Broken English. Lest we forget that the music video was born out of queer underground film. It’s pre 20th century cinema motives expressed through youtube hi-jacking.

YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD is debuting on Transnational Queer Underground Friday 14th July 2017 to coincide with Northern Ireland Loyalist Marching Season. Audio Download on Circle of Dolphins Monday 17th July 2017

Now please watch, enjoy, share and smash fascism!


Track 1: Crows and Evangelists

Track 2: Holy Lathe

Track 3: You are the Light of the World

Track 4: What Colour is the Wind

Track 5: Singing Through the Birds