TQU Tresen: 28.12.2018 & every last weekend of the month
At:  FAQ Laden: Antisexistischer Infoladen Neukölln, Jonasstraße 40, 12053 Berlin, Germany
From: 7pm to midnight
smoke free during performances
wheelchair accessible
donations welcome

We would like to invite you to join us for a night of music, poetry, stories and performances around the topic of CHANGES. 

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” ― Maya Angelou

We’ll bring some cookies and make some Glühwein too.

Confirmed performances by:

mandisa apena is a part-time vegan from south london, england. their work spans over concepts such as connection, the body, dreams and the earth. their practice is interdisciplinary and currently includes poetry, visual art and sound art.
they are a Barbican Young Poet alumnus, and founder of poetry: hot 4 u (a queer poetry night in london). they also self-published a collection of their poems ‘and twice as bitter’ in 2016.

We’re Only Made of Snow – Romantic Punk-Folk band based in Berlin. 

Alfred Ladylike (antifolk cabaret – Berlin/Boston)
Centered around her soulful siren voice and a very versatile ukulele, Alfred Ladylike’s music combines elements of folk, rock, jazz, and blues in witty little acoustic ditties and juicy folktronica jams. This queer and quirky artist is known in underground circles for cathartic lyrics, riveting performative flair, impressive costumes, and DIY merch (like teabags, zines, etc). Alfred toured Europe in 2017 with Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel, and was the frontwoman of feminist uke rock band Donut Heart.

Kevin is a writer, poet, ex-blogger and freelances in digital media. His work deals queer emancipation and erotic attempts towards a world free or hetero-patriarchal binaries. Find his texts on kevinjunk.de and subscribe to his poetry newsletter junk.poems via tinyletter.com/kevinjunk

Darling Fitch presents an excerpt from Revelations, their new multidisciplinary performance about the end of the world and our place in it.

Ambika Thompson is a writer, musician and parent. She has been published at Electric Literature, NPR Berlin, Fanzine, Riddle Fence, Plentitude, was in Crab Fats Magazine’s “Best of” compilation (2017), and was also nominated for the Journey Prize in 2017. She is the fiction and managing editor of Leopardskin & Limes, in the band Razor Cunts and is an MFA candidate in creative writing at Guelph University.

Special: Get your nails done by Fierce Fat Firefly! We’ll set up a table and you can get your nails done on a donation basis! Please come early for this!

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Would you also like to perform something?

Do you have a story about CHANGES that you would like to read, a poem to recite, a short thing to perform or a song that you would like to sing?

Please fill in the form and tell us a little bit about what you would like to do. If you could add a link to something that you have done before that would be excellent. But if not, no worries.


Let us know as soon as possible:

most people use pronouns like they/them, she/her or he/him. Others use ze/hir, xe/xem,... Which ones do you want other people to use for you?

If you’re not in town on this date – we’re also looking for people to perform, read, workshop, etc. in the next year.

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