Uncle Joe by Zhen Yee Khor
short film


A father talks about getting drafted to fight in a war when he was still a kid, coming home to find out that everyone thinks that what he did was wrong and shows how even if it’s against all odds, he became a loving father and husband that respects and cherishes all people, especially his gay son.

screenshot from the film

Khor Zhen Yee@ Justice is a Film and Broadcasting graduate from the School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Inspired by the works of contemporary film director, Christopher Nolan, Zhen Yee@ Justice decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Communications despite studying science for the past five years prior to his university study. Supported by his family, friends and lecturers, Justice has been actively involved in the creative productions for competitions, film festivals, documentaries and commercial works as a director, script writer and editor.