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Organizing team of Zukunft für alle

The Laboratory for New Economic Ideas (Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie) in cooperation with various partners is going to organize a 5 day congress for 1.500 people about Utopias in Leipzig, Germany in August/September 2020.

So, picture the year 2048 and imagine how the future will look then. How could it be fair and ecological? Where will we wake up? How will we move around? What will we eat? What will our occupations be, and how will we live? – We want to rediscover the future in a world that is constantly moving towards environmental catastrophes, increasing isolation and away from solidarity while at the same time maintaining hope. During the congress we will develop, share and discuss positive visions that exceed the ideas of society that we currently hold while still being clear and imaginable.

Organizing and carrying out this congress will be a huge task and we will only be able to pull through this together! In November 2019 we had a wonderful first meeting with more than 50 people attending, but we are still looking for more people to be part of our crew! We organize ourselves in a “grassroot democracy” that means everyone involved is included in all relevant decisions. The majority of the work will be conducted in different task forces, but every 6-8 weeks we will all come together for a plenary meeting on the weekend. In any case, this is a great opportunity to work with the ideas of grassroots democracy within a larger group of people and try out skills of organizing and chair group discussions in an open, friendly, and inspiring atmosphere.

In order to develop Utopias for society as a whole, it is important to us to shape the crew, the process of organizing as well as the congress itself as inclusive, diverse, eclectic, and sensitive to discrimination as possible. We want the organizational process to be open fo everyone so let us know precisely what needs to be provided in order for you to join, e.g. translations, accessibility, financial support, safespaces etc.

Looking for:

We need people who join our organizing process. We work in the Working Groups: Process, Program, Finances, Awareness, Public relations and Art&Culture and we specifically still seek support for our logistics task force and our public relations task force!

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DEADLINE: The next Plenary is from the 24th until the 26th of January but you can also join later!