It speaks of hate crimes, or what they call hate crimes now. In this case, the fictional murder of a member of the LGBTQ community. In a series of selfies, I try to show my lifelong anxiety, fear, angst, and recurrent nightmares since I was 17. The bullying for being different even before you realised that people saw you as different. The bullying that led to suicide attempts, and for others into succeeding in taking their own lives, or rejected by parents. All this might even be compounded by the fact that you already become a-social once you are gay on the autistic spectrum and an artist. These features are and have caused me to make the art that I make. An eclectic art, no concern for style and use the material I have to get the message across. Film, phone camera, traditional tools like brush and pencil on paper or canvas, it is catharsis, performance…Without art, I would not have been here anymore.