In Argentina we are living through a very particular but incredibly significant course of events. The parliament (Congress, to be specific) has decided to start the project of a new law: the decriminalization of abortion.

It is known that in many countries around the world this fundamental right is still not granted, one of the arguments being that it was against the rights of the ”potential person” or the “future baby,” and how when we talk about making an abortion we are actually talking about a murder, and how women “become murderers” when they have an abortion. Well, this whole situation made me think about those numerous groups against it (including religious people, conservatives, politicians who and their parties, people who may be uninformed about the historical and social implications of this right).

These groups only started defending this cause because they were first offended by the feminist movement, they did not like how we would show our freedom, our bisexuality, lesbianism, homosexuality, transsexuality and much more; how we could chose not to be mothers and dedicate ourselves to other stuff; how we can declare ourselves belonging to other religions or none; how can we choose how we want to look on the outside.

So their cause is based on a negative reaction to our movement. I do not think that they will care about the future life of that baby when it grows up in poverty or middle class, or in a violent atmosphere (we are talking about a country with not an ideal economic and social situation). So I must ask myself, are they “pro life” or “pro giving birth,” and then not caring?

In this country nowadays it is legal to make an abortion among four other (very restricted) possibilities if the woman (or man, but it is not mentioned this way) has been the victim of sexual assault or violation. As we know, JUSTICE TENDS TO BE SLOW, and there are many cases in which the justice system has looked the other way when it was more needed and suddenly the victim of rape was carrying her/his rapist’s kid in her arms. Horrible, but true.

Ireland was recently an example of this: even though they have a Catholic religious influence they have chosen freedom for women and included in this the right to choose. A right that has been taken away from us making the society believe that it is natural and correct for centuries and centuries. We must know, we must learn, we must be able to choose, we must have freedom. We must do it together.

My name is Nikola Italo and I am from Patagonia, Argentina. One of my hobbies is writing and this is mainly how I express myself, I like writing about feminism, minorities and my language learning (Deutsch, English, Italian and Esperanto).