WHITE DREAMING ON MOUNT WARNING by Aabbchot aabbaadd Aabbswallow

I am dreaming about men. I am dreaming about women.
I am dreaming i have tits walking across the nearby highway,
walking along the local street with busy endless small shops.
I am dreaming this recurring unresolving dream.

I have a cock. I like having a cock. I don’t want to not have a cock.
I like having something i can touch, handle, hold, fondle, move around,
cradle in the cusp of my hand,
imagining, feeling, rolling, hearing click, click, click of
smooth round cue balls.

I am a man. I see another intriguing man and desire him.
I am open, receptive, entrancing to fusion.
For an incandescent, fleeting, somehow simultaneously extending, moment
ecstasy is tantalisingly close, then vanishing like a moving wispy dissolving
mountain top spirit cloud.

I am a man. I like sex. I like having sex with men.
I like emotional intimacy. I like being intimate with men.
I like being intimate and having sex with men.

I am a live, living, human. I am a man. I like sex.
I like intimacy. I like being human, being a man,
living intimacy and sex with men.
And dreaming, dreaming, dreaming about men.

White dreaming

illustration by Lekouzinthomas

Aabbchot aabbaadd Aabbswallow is an Australian Queer man. Lived and worked all over. Flown around the globe. Recently moved 800 kms north to coastal border New South Wales / Queensland. Live at the river 2 kms from ocean beaches. Getting to know local beaches, rivers, creeks, mountains, valleys, Artist and Artisans Markets and people. Would like to learn to sail. Like most intelligent culture and social engagement. Write short stories, poems, polemics when stimulated. Appreciate friendly articulate constructive critiques. Contact welcome.

Lekouzinthomas was born in 1982, in Lure, France. He has a mother, a father, a big brother, a big sister, a sister in law, 3 nieces. Always liked to draw. Changed home five times from the age of 0 to 15 due to his dad’s work. Finished Graphic Design public school in 2002 and became a driving license / voting card owner in Marseille, South of France. Worked for a salary as a junior graphic-designer for two years. Left the communication professional field, looking for my graphic freedom.