About the artist:

Whorgane Madbled is shy, lonely and powerful. This person has a few names and never finished a degree somewhere – but is always and still learning some creepy mediums and crazy pogo steps. They don’t have
the technique of synthesis, so it’s not a couple of lines which follow each other, but a couple of minds: Dancer still in my mother’s belly, when I’m not totally jailed in it I use my bodie as a tool to express the magnificent freedom I feel by moving on barbed swings.

Instead of creating scenic or streetic pieces always-in-progess – mainly on an artist runspace called Lost Dog-, I use daily mistakes, my own or geopolitically biggest ones, to give birth to new thinkings, which are little spiritual actions: magic climb to find a path to those non-senses! I’m inspired by abandoned places, which are fuller than empty, by books as material or brain’s treasure, and by deepest depressed pulsions: love. I love love and love loves me. So much love is hardcore, and we’e’d liked it.

My work is a scream for body motors and ice cream against all the terrors. Acting the present time by marking skins (others by tattoos or more, mine by scars) is my best way to concentrate on the process: healed flesh is not the goal, but only utopia. Without needles or knife, no utopias. Without utopias, no life.

Static on my bodies during teenage times I started to draw and throw up colors as a therapy. This time is far away but not very. That’s when I met Mo, who taught me that all visual arts is a real answer for recurrent nightmares and asthmatic awake dreams created by an uncontrollable context which tenses and stones my muscles sometimes.

Moug Meconium is a kind of drawer, telling minutious stories with sick eyes, and using scabies as a psychological and political concept. “By using some materials others than your body, you have no limits: it’s perfectly possible to deconstruct spaces, to propose materially a real new and scintillant world equal and safe for all of us, crucification is only fiction -without crusty!, and resurrect an hacked computer becomes a simple game as for the noob I am, afraid and fascinated by the internet”

About the artwork:

I’d choose those pics because it’s a melting-pot quite representative of my work/life. Engraving IN LOVE on my belly was my last performance with a molotov and this scars are part of my engagement.

The painted wall is an instinctive practice with beautiful friends, who are like a skeleton: the heart says ” I do a fucking cure against walls”.

The colorful mask is one of my characters -la vorteuse- who’s a wild doctor practicing abortions.

Some drawings are part of a story including Keram, Ripara and Marek, linked by conceptual scabies. “Simone & Saïd” is a narrative drawing with writings and drawings inspired by a scene from Littoral, Wajdi Mouawad’s book.

I’d also choose a photography from a little action born by a mistake: a green mate pot were broken and I sorted the glass by drawing spirals.

By those chosen works I can resume my practice as simplicity-life-love, empowerment-engagement-acting, loneliness and togetherness to bring struggles in the middle, body as a vehicle and ink as beats.

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You can find more work here. And you can contact Whorgane for: dates in Brussels to play music or to exhibit your work, people who want to create or present their work in a fanzine or prozine, dancer, performer or mixed media artist (or not, actually ? who want to participate (as performer, scenographist, narrator, external eye, etc…) into a piece or who need a performer, external eye, etc… who think they can be a powerful anarchist fly dancing under a hierarchist spider ? I want to write, draw or paint “cadavres exquis”! Better way (after dance!) to fight the frontier of spoken language!