Zac Slams is part of #TheGalleryProject. #TheGalleryProject includes artworks from 47 artists from 27 different countries. Each work reflects a unique perspective and as a whole, the exhibition series refuses to present a standardized narrative. Rather, it becomes clear that being queer means something different to each artist, whether sexually, politically, or aesthetically.

Each artist represented in the exhibition has developed their own strategies for coping with their lived realities and addressing (or not addressing) them in their art. The works displays sex, fragility, anger, courage, hope, nihilism, strength, fear, and beauty.

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About the artist:

Zac Slams cuts up images and texts to depict gender and sexuality as ways to escape oppression but also as forms of subjugation. Slams is a collage and video artist originally from the UK but currently living and working in Canada. She has recently exhibited at The Feminist Art Conference in Toronto.

About the artwork:

In response to a repressive society, my collages dismantle identity to visualize a new gender symbolism based on images from horror films, pornography, and comic books. The collage medium is useful for this because each collage is a whole made up of a bit parts like identity,
but it is also tactile and physical like the body. Rupturing stereotypical images by infecting them with queer content, I want each collage to contribute toward a universe where our bodies are cut-ups and sticky glue is what binds us together.

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I am intrigued by any and all collaborations, especially ones with the end target of an exhibition. Email address: zacslams at gmail . com
Zac’s Website: www.zac-slams.tumblr.com